Good News: Firefighters, Necklaces, and an Unexpected Catch

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple in Queens, New York were magnet fishing in a park last Friday and reeled in a safe filled with $100,000 in cash.  They called the cops, but it sounds like no one’s reported the safe missing.  So they get to keep the money.

2.  Speaking of New York:  An off-duty firefighter named Joe Pendergast was on his way to work Friday morning when he saw an apartment building on fire.  So he rushed in with no gear on, got a guy out, and helped save four French bulldogs.

3.  A man in Colorado is lucky to be alive, and lucky he likes jewelry.  Someone SHOT him during an argument last Tuesday.  But it hit the silver chain he had around his neck, and the chain stopped the bullet.  Police say it’s the only reason he’s still alive.  (Here’s a photo of the chain.)