Good News: Firefighters, Hats, and a 44-Pound Prosthetic Leg

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy named Xavier Huber posted two photos of a firefighter in Long Beach, California named Jeff Ohs, who saved his life 23 years ago.  He was two years old, needed CPR, and was in a coma for a month.

The first photo shows Jeff carrying him out of a burning building.  The second is a recent photo of Jeff meeting Xavier’s SON, who’s around the same age now.

2.  An 11-year-old elephant at a wildlife park in Cambodia lost part of his left leg years ago when he got caught in a poacher’s snare.  But instead of putting him down, they’ve been making prosthetics for him ever since.

He needs a new one every six months, and a charity in the U.K. covers the costs.  His newest prosthetic leg weighs 44 pounds, and he gets around on it great.  He can walk, run, and even swim in it.  (Here’s a photo, and a video.)

3.  A kid from Texas recently left his favorite hat behind while his family was staying at a hotel in Mississippi.  And the staff wouldn’t go out of their way to mail it to him.  But his mom called a cab company nearby, and they stepped up.

The owner picked up the hat and mailed it to him himself.  He told a reporter he just likes helping people whenever he can.