Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two years ago this month, the Boy Scouts officially started allowing girls to join.  And this week, around 1,000 girls across the country became the first female Eagle Scouts.  Only 6% of all Scouts make it that far.

2.  A cat in Oregon sniffed out a gas leak this month, and may have saved its owners’ lives.  They noticed it wouldn’t stop sniffing the valve connected to their fireplace.

3.  Some guy found a woman’s wallet at a Walmart in Florida last weekend and drove all the way to her house to make sure she got it back.  Now security footage of him dropping it off at her door is making the rounds.

4.  And in other lost-and-found news:  A World War Two vet in Fort Lauderdale named Donald Dennis just got his wedding ring back five years after he lost it at a grocery store in Minnesota.

Someone found it while the store was being remodeled, and saw his wife’s name inscribed in it.  Donald’s daughter surprised him with the ring on his 100th birthday this past weekend.