Good News: Dumb Dogs, Old Tortoises, and Long-Lost Dads

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  What’s the dumbest thing your dog has ever done?  A small dog in Texas had to be rescued by firefighters on Monday after it got stuck behind a toilet.

It got its head wedged between the back of the toilet and the wall.  They had to remove part of the wall to get him out, but he’s okay.  (Here are the photos.)

2.  A pet tortoise that went missing in England two years ago was just found.  Her name is Jemima.  She’s around 50 years old, and managed to make it a whole FIVE MILES in those two years.

She originally belonged to the owner’s dad, who took her in 25 years ago.  His son inherited her when the dad passed away in 2016.  She’s back home now after someone spotted her and posted a photo on Facebook.

3.  For Father’s Day this past weekend, a woman in Wisconsin shared her story after a DNA test helped her track down her biological dad.  He lives in Nebraska, and was thrilled to meet her.  She also found out she has six siblings.