Good News: Drummers, College Grads, and a May-December Romance

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 105-year-old named Virginia Hislop just got her master’s from Stanford 83 years late.  She finished all her classes back in 1941, but never finished her senior thesis because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

She married her husband before he went off to war, then focused on her family.  Some of them were there on Sunday to see her walk across the stage with her cane.  She has two kids, four grandkids, and nine great-grandkids.

Stanford doesn’t have a thesis requirement for a Master of Arts degree anymore.  So they decided she deserved her diploma.  (Here’s an interview.)

2.  Students at Tennessee Tech helped out a 12-year-old girl who loves music and wanted to play drums.  But she was born without hands, so they had to come up with custom prosthetics to make it happen.

They spent a whole semester designing them, and made them with a 3-D printer.  She says they work great, and they’re helping her prove she can do anything she wants to in life.

3.  One of the oldest penguins in the world just had a baby.  Her name is Windy, and she’s 30.  She lives at a zoo in England and recently started shacking up with a much younger penguin named Nacho, who’s only four.

She recently laid an egg, and it hatched.  It’s Nacho’s first baby and Windy’s 23rd.  (!!!)  Her first was back in 1999.  She’s a great-great-great grandmother to a chick that recently hatched at a zoo in Germany.  But also, a mom again.