Good News: Crossing Guards, Free Meals, and Perfect Strangers

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A crossing guard in New York known as Miss Maggie is being celebrated online after announcing she’ll finally retire this month at 90 years young.  She’s been a crossing guard at the same school in Brooklyn since 1978.

When she started, Jimmy Carter was president, the Bee Gees were topping the charts, and “Grease” was the #1 movie in America.  She says she plans to go see the world.  Quote, “I’ve been working all my life.  It’s time to travel.”

2.  A 69-year-old former Navy medic named Pamela Middlebrook passed away in Arizona, and only six people were expected at the funeral.  But 48 hours before the service, her daughter posted about it online, and two dozen people went out of their way to show up and pay their respects.

The daughter said it restored her faith in humanity to know strangers would “come together for [someone] they don’t even know, just to honor their memory and their service.”

3.  Mediterranean restaurant chain Cava has around 300 locations across the U.S.  And they’re in the news after a guy got a free meal, but didn’t know why. His receipt has been trending online, because a lot of people didn’t know about this.

His subtotal was $11.05.  But under it was a line item that said “Love”, and the full charge was removed.  He says the cashier told him, “You’re all set,” and he thought they were hitting on him or something.

But it turns out Cava lets employees hand out free food occasionally, just to make someone’s day or reward them for being nice.  There’s a button on the register called the “Love” button that automatically comps one meal.

(Here’s the receipt.)