Good News: College Kids, Skunks, and a Real-Life “Iron Man”

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A mom in Georgia was driving with her two sons when she crashed into a river, and five girls from the University of Georgia saved them.  Four jumped in while the other called 911.  One had to do CPR on the youngest kid, but everyone’s okay.

The woman and her two sons got released from the hospital a few days later.  She said she was planning to meet up with the girls to thank them in person.

2.  This is always risky business:  An animal control officer near Toronto helped out a skunk with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head.  The skunk is okay and ran off.  No word on if it sprayed her or not.

3.  People in New York can pop into a bar in Brooklyn called The Mallard Drake tonight and get their clothes ironed for free.  (???)  A guy known as “Iron Man” has been doing it off-and-on since 2016.

He irons clothes in a tuxedo on Monday nights, and it’s first come first served.  You can bring something in and have it ironed.  Or, give him the clothes off your back and he hands you a robe to wear.  (Here’s a photo.)