Good News: Brave Kids, New Friends, and Best-Selling Authors

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A kid in Amarillo, Texas named Shayden Walker knocked on his neighbors’ door the other day to see if they had any kids he could play with.  He said he needed some friends “really bad.”  (Here’s the video.)

A couple named Angel and Brennan Ray live there, and their doorbell camera got it on video.  Brennan told Shayden some kids lived next door, but Shayden said he doesn’t hang out with them anymore, because they’re bullies.

Brennan posted the video last week, and asked TikTok to help.  It’s racked up over 60 MILLION views already.  Then he launched a GoFundMe to give Shayden an awesome summer . . . and people ended up donating over 37 GRAND.

They’re planning to buy him a gaming system and other stuff to help him make friends, like tickets to an amusement park.  They say all the leftover funds will go directly to his family.

2.  A 19-year-old kid near L.A. named Caleb Delasantos was driving home from watching fireworks on the Fourth when he saw someone’s garage on fire.  So he pulled over and ran into their house to make sure they got out.

The couple who live there got their dog out, and nobody was hurt.  Caleb also got them to move their cars, so those didn’t go up.  Then he grabbed a hose and started spraying the garage so the flames didn’t spread to the house.

He left before they could thank him, but his mom brought him back the next day after she heard what he did.  She also started a GoFundMe for them to help pay for the damages.  It looks like a stray firework might have started the blaze, but firefighters are still investigating.

3.  An Army vet in Texas named Shawn Warner just became a best-selling author, literally overnight.  He recently published his first novel, and was signing copies at a grocery store when a TikToker started talking to him.

It’s a mystery novel for young adults called “Leigh Howard and the Ghosts of Simmons-Pierce Manor”.  You can buy it on Amazon.

At that point, he’d just sold a handful of copies, and only had two Amazon reviews.  But the TikToker’s video blew up.  And by the next day, Shawn’s book was a #1 BEST SELLER on Amazon.  (Here’s the video.)