Good News: Big Sisters, Coffee Shops, and Beer Can Island

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Have you seen the little sister with bangs video yet?  A 15-year-old big sister in Texas was in the middle of doing a TikTok when her 8-year-old sister freaked after deciding to cut her own bangs.  It was right before PICTURE DAY at school.

They knew their mom would flip out.  So the big sister googled “how to cut bangs” and watched a TikTok tutorial.  In under six minutes, they go from WE’RE DEAD to, “Hey, we’re pretty good at this!”  Their mom was still angry, but she’s okay with the bangs now.  (Warning:  The full video includes the A-word at 5:26.)

2.  Cops in Tampa rescued 10 people on Friday after their boat started sinking near a place called Beer Can Island.  It doesn’t sound like beer was a factor though.

3.  An ambitious 18-year-old kid in Australia opened his own coffee shop in July, and was having trouble getting customers.  But he’s a teenager, so he’s great at social media.  He posted a video after no one showed up on Day 1, and it went viral.  Business has been picking up ever since.

4.  You’ve dreamed of this happening:  A couple in South Carolina were watching the local news last month and saw a story about a winning lottery ticket that was sold in the area, but hadn’t been claimed yet.  That’s when they realized they never checked their numbers from an August 9th drawing.  They won $200,000.