Good News: A Waitress Saved Dimes, and Atlanta’s Odd Ocean Plan

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  13 years ago, a waitress in Southern California named Cari had the idea to save all her DIMES from work . . . with the goal of eventually using them to pay for a graduation trip for her daughter to go to Hawaii.

Well, her daughter has graduated, and Cari cashed in her dimes.  She had $5,665, which was enough for her and her daughter to go to Oahu for seven days.  They leave next month.  It’ll be their first trip to Hawaii.

2.  The city of Atlanta is dumping eight retired subway cars into the ocean, but they’re not littering.  The rail cars will be dismantled and cleaned, and the hope is that they will provide a new habitat for sea creatures by producing more coral life in a stable growing area.

3.  Price relief may be on the way.  In May, inflation slowed for an 11th straight month . . . and inflation levels are now at their lowest rate since March of 2021.

Some economists are backing off concerns about a recession, saying that the economy is showing resilience instead.  But that said, there are still worries that some inflated prices will remain “sticky,” and interest rates are still high.