Good News: A Stranger Saves a Dog, and Millions of Donated Potates

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  On Sunday, a woman’s dog jumped into Hudson River off the Hoboken in Jersey, and got caught in the current.  A man who was passing by immediately jumped in and helped guide the dog back to the shore.

(Here’s video of the save.  The temperature of the water is about 60 degrees right now.)

2.  A farmer in Manitoba, Canada had a surplus of potatoes . . . so he donated potatoes to organizations across North America.  And this was a HUGE surplus, we’re talking 12 MILLION POUNDS OF POTATOES.  (???)

(Here’s a podcast where he chats about it.  Skip to 1 minute in.)

3.  It’s frustrating that a cure for cancer has been so elusive, but we have to celebrate every achievement along the way.  And THIS could be big.  Scientists have just identified 618 proteins in blood, which are linked to 19 types of the disease, including bowel, prostate, and breast cancers.

This might make it possible to warn people of cancer more than seven years before it is diagnosed.  It’s early, but doctors hope this could be a “crucial first step” towards offering preventative therapies.