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Good Habits We’ve Gained During the Pandemic Include Drinking More Water, Decluttering, and Cooking from Scratch

Has this crazy year actually helped you IMPROVE in any way?  A new poll found that a third of us have fallen into at least one new GOOD habit because of the pandemic.

Here are the ten most common ones we’ve picked up and hope to keep doing . . .

1.  Drinking more water and staying hydrated.

2.  Staying in better contact with friends and family.

3.  Keeping your home uncluttered.

4.  Being better with money.

5.  Shopping locally.

6.  Spending more time with your immediate family.

7.  Regular exercise.

8.  Spending more time in nature.

9.  Going on walks.

10.  Cooking from scratch.  Listening to more music just missed the Top 10 at #11.

(The Sun)

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