Gary Is (Sarcastically) Excited For Super Bowl LII

Stock the beer fridge and pass the snacks it’s time for another Super Bowl!

Super Bowl LII is coming up with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles—two teams that I have no feelings for.  Let me qualify that, I pretty much root for whoever plays New England because like the rest of the country outside of the greater New England area, I am sick and tired of watching the New England Patriots in big games.  Enough already with Kraft, Belichick and Brady!

I am old enough to have watched every Super Bowl played.  I was seven years old when the NFL’s Green Bay Packers played the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs in the first Pro Football World Championship game.  It is retroactively known as Super Bowl I.  The NFL vs. AFL was a huge deal and led to the merger but the battle between the leagues and then conferences was a big darn deal for a long time.  Now it is hardly ever mentioned.  In fact now the game itself, the actual playing of football seems secondary compared to all the activities in and around the game.

Who cares about the game when we have Justin Timberlake at halftime (I can’t type sarcasm so just imagine that last sentence dripping with it)!  Oh and I can’t wait to see all the hot commercials (again sarcasm).  Plus I need to see crazy painted up fans who overloaded their VISA cards to be at the big game so they could see Justin Timberlake (yup, sarcasm)!

Well I will watch the game and I’ll be rooting for the Eagles and their long-suffering fans and despite how much I dislike the Patriots I will marvel at their success as the greatest sustained domination in league history and something we will never see again.

Everyone enjoy the game and remember what it is all really about…money!

Gary Patrick



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