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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Our boss, nit-picking weenie, came in the other day and told Brent and me that we needed to start blogging to which we responded, “Sure, no problem.” Now neither one of us ever intended to actually write a blog because we have learned over the years that if we tell nit pick what he wants to hear and then just ignore him, he forgets what he told us to do and life goes on. He remembered the blogging thing and reminded me about an hour after Brent took off for a few days of vacation so it is left to me to write the very first Big Show blog.

I wasn’t actually sure what a blog was, so I “googled it” and found out it is a lot of different things but the definition I liked best was it’s an informal, diary-like post on the web. I guess the blog can be pretty much whatever I wanted it to be so here goes nothing (and I mean nothing).

I’m listening to baseball playoffs as I write this, the Nationals and Cubs are playing and I’m hoping the Cubs can eliminate Washington and move to NL Championship. I’m not a Cubs fan but the team holds a warm spot in my heart because my Dad loves the Cubbies and his Dad, my grandfather, loved them before that. It seemed that every time I would visit my grandparents the last 10-15 years of my grandfather’s life he would have the Cubs game on TV—they played mostly afternoon games then. The Cubs winning the World Series last year brought my Dad a lot of joy and I know he is watching the game right now at his home. I would sure like to see the Cubs win it all again this year because it’s been a rough year for my Dad and our family because this past June my Mom passed away. The Cubs games and their success have given Dad something to look forward to each day and I love visiting with him after the games and talk over what happened at Wrigley Field. Mom and Dad were married for almost 59 years and he’s doing what he can to adjust and all things considered he’s doing pretty well.

Sports are a funny thing and people get pretty caught up in them sometimes. We all know about the controversy with the NFL and players kneeling during the anthem and how it seems everybody is angry about it no matter what side you approach that from, but for me sports are something different. I don’t care for the politics and all of the opinions and “hot takes” of sports. I like sports for the way we can unplug and watch talented athletes doing amazing things. I like sports even more for the way they bring my Dad and me closer and the memories I have of my grandfather and watching games. I like sports for the fun I had with my Mom, the Pigskin Mama, and having her on the show with us picking the games. Sports are supposed to be fun. We all maybe need to be reminded of that.

Gary Patrick

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