Four Ways to Make Grilling Healthier for You and the Environment This Summer

If you’re doing some grilling this summer, here are four tips to make it healthier for you AND the environment . . .

1.  Use high-quality pure lump charcoal.  Charcoal briquettes are popular because they’re easy to light and provide even heat to the grill.  But the chunks are often held together with chemical additives that can release additional emissions into the air.

2.  Avoid lighter fluid.  Lighter fluid is made of hydrocarbons, which can be toxic if ingested.  And the smoke given off by lighter fluid-soaked coals contributes to air pollution.

3.  Shut down the grill as soon as you’re done cooking.  Most people will let their coals burn down and out when they’re done cooking, which means hours of extra and unnecessary emissions.  Instead, when you’re done cooking, simply close the lid and shut any vents.

4.  Switch to a natural gas grill.  If you want to go all-in with eco-friendly grilling practices, ditch the charcoal in favor of a natural gas grill.

(Huff Post)