Four Things to Look Forward to in October

We’ve made it another month!  Here are a few things to look forward to in October . . .

1.  Candy.  Start stocking up for Halloween early, so you can eat half of it YOURSELF this month.  And it’s also time to start worrying about costumes.

2.  October’s always a big month for sports fans:  We’ve got lots of football, plus the baseball playoffs start today . . . the new NHL season starts tomorrow . . . and the NBA season starts October 22nd.

3.  Some big new films hit this month:  The new Joker movie opens nationwide this Friday . . . the “Breaking Bad” sequel El Camino hits Netflix on October 11th . . . and Zombieland: Double Tap lands October 18th.

4.  Obviously Halloween is the big holiday this month.  But here are few more holidays to mark on your calendar . . .

National Taco Day and National Vodka Day are both this Friday  . . . Yom Kippur starts October 8th . . . Columbus Day is October 14th . . . Sweetest Day is October 19th . . . and yes, this is real:  Wednesday, October 23rd is “Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day.”