Four Reasons to Keep Your Cool

We all know it’s usually not good to lose your temper, because you end up saying things you don’t mean.  But research shows losing your temper can also cause health issues.  Here are four ways anger can mess with your health . . .

1.  You don’t sleep as well.  Your brain goes on high alert when you’re angry, and tells your body to increase blood flow.  Which makes it much harder to relax.

2.  It affects digestion.  Anger triggers your “fight or flight” response, and sends more blood to the parts of your body that could help you escape, like your legs.  When that happens, your digestive system gets less blood, which leads to less “good” bacteria in your gut.  And it can also allow bad bacteria to seep in.

3.  Anger causes wrinkles.  Collagen is what makes our skin plump and smooth.  And the more stressed you are, the less collagen you produce.  Studies have also found links between stress and skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.

4.  Angry people are more likely to die young.  Anger and stress make your body release adrenaline, which damages your DNA and makes you more susceptible to fatal diseases.

(Daily Mail)