Four Phone Habits That Might Be Signs of Anxiety

We’re all probably on our phones way too much.  And while some of us use our smartphones worry-free, most of us don’t.  So, here are four phone habits that could be signs of anxiety.

1.  Doomscrolling.  That’s when you constantly search for disturbing news, even though that news never makes you feel any better.  This could be both a sign of anxiety, and even the cause of your anxiety in the first place.

2.  Avoiding people by using your phone.  Have you ever acted like you were on your phone to avoid talking to someone?  If you’re avoiding real-life interactions in favor of your phone, it could be a sign of anxiety.

3.  The inability to put your phone down.  If you have trouble separating from your phone, especially at times when you don’t need it, this can point to anxiety.  Like when you’re exercising, going to bed, or in a work meeting.

4.  Panic when your phone isn’t working.  If you feel super nervous or panicky when your phone dies or doesn’t have WiFi, it could be a problem.  This doesn’t include people using their phones for safety.  It’s more of a red-flag if you’re freaking out because you can’t access Instagram.

(Huff Post)