Four More Things People Do Without Realizing They’re Being Rude

The internet loves this topic and never seems to run out of answers.  So it’s trending on BuzzFeed right now.  What’s something people do all the time without realizing they’re being rude?

Classic answers include listening to music in public without headphones, and driving slow in the fast lane.  Here are a few more fresh ones.

1.  Hogging the sidewalk.  A group of three or more people are walking toward you side-by-side, and make no effort to let you pass.

2.  When you’re driving in a parking lot and stop to let someone walk . . . then they take an “extreme diagonal path,” and you just have to sit there and wait.

3.  Trying to get on a subway car or bus before people get off.  You want a seat, I get it.  But you still have to wait.

4.  Interrupting someone while they’re looking at their phone.  Everyone accepts it’s rude to look at your phone in the middle of a conversation.  But it can be rude the other way too.  Don’t assume all phone activity is trivial.