Four Indignities Leap Day Babies Must Endure

Know any Leap Day babies with a birthday today?  If so, be four times nicer to them than you’d normally be.  Here are four indignities all Leap Day babies must endure . . .

1.  The same joke every four years.  If you were born February 29th, 1984, you WILL hear “Happy 10th birthday” from multiple people today.  Not all Leap Day babies love those kid-themed birthday parties either.

2.  Computer systems and online forms.  Some of them still don’t recognize “February 29th” as a real day.  So if you enter it as your birthday, it pops up as “invalid.”  Even the DMV still has issues with it sometimes.

3.  Problems getting carded.  A ton of Leap Day babies have had bouncers accuse them of using a fake I.D., because “there is no February 29th.”  It’s also caused plenty of confusion about when you can get into a bar on your 21st.

4.  Facebook has ignored them before.  Some Leap Day babies celebrate on the 28th, and some prefer March 1st.  Facebook says it DOES send out alerts now, but some leapers claim they’ve been ignored in the past.

(Reddit / WSJ)