Four in Five of Us Have Quit a Job Before . . . Here Are the Top Reasons

Whether you stormed out or left on good terms, have you ever quit a job before?  A new poll found 81% of us have.

Looking back, 91% still think it was the right decision.  Only 6% regret it, and 3% aren’t sure they should have quit.  Here are the top ten reasons we’ve quit a job.

1.  Bad boss, or bad management.  30% said it was a factor.

2.  It didn’t pay enough, 23%.

3.  I got a better job offer, 21%.

4.  My schedule or working conditions sucked, 19%.

5.  My coworkers sucked, 17%.

6.  Bad work / life balance, 17%.

7.  No room for growth, 17%.

8.  I was burned out on the work, 15%.

9.  I retired, 13%.

10.  A tie between moving away and leaving for personal reasons, both 11%.