Four Common Myths About Diet, Exercise, and Your Overall Health

Here are four common myths about diet, exercise, and our overall health . . .

1.  Myth: Coffee stunts your growth.  Fact:  In reality, genetics determine your height.  In fact, coffee isn’t linked to any medical conditions except for a slight, temporary increase in blood pressure.

2.  Myth: Eating eggs causes high cholesterol.  Fact:  Eggs have almost no effect on your cholesterol . . . and a Harvard analysis of two studies even suggests that eating eggs can IMPROVE your heart health.

3.  Myth: 10,000 steps is the key to getting healthy.  Fact: Walking is great exercise, but it’s tough to make a blanket recommendation for everyone.  Plus, a study earlier this year found a better number of steps to aim for is probably 6,000 to 8,000.

4.  Myth: Social media can inspire you to diet and exercise.  Fact: Researchers have found that it can actually lead to body dissatisfaction and distorted eating when you compare yourself to other people’s bodies and weight.

(CNet / CNN)