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Father’s Day is Sunday, and Thomas Rhett says there’s no denying that becoming the dad of three-year-old Willa Gray and nearly two-year-old Ada James has changed him.

TR says one of the main differences is that he’s definitely learned to live with less rest.

“I never thought that I could exist on less sleep,” he reflects. “I’ve always loved my sleep.”

Thomas goes on: “College made me love sleep and then when I had kids it was kind of a huge shock going from waking up at 10 o’clock in the morning to, like, getting up multiple times in the night and then realizing that you can survive on that the next day and you can go to work and you can still sing songs.”

Becoming the father of two little girls has also helped Thomas be more easy-going.

“I learned how to be more patient for sure,” he admits. “My patience, not that it was thin before I had kids, but it can’t be thin at all when you do have kids.

“And so I feel like I’ve grown in many, many ways as a dad and continue to grow every day,” he adds.

This week, Thomas Rhett’s new album, Center Point Road, becomes the first country album this year to debut atop the all-genre Billboard 200.

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