Whether you’re religious or not, this is pretty cool . . .

There’s a church in Wichita that usually spends a good chunk of money promoting its Easter services each year to bring more people in.  But this year they did something different.

They took all that money . . . along with other funds they’d set aside . . . and used it to pay off medical debt for 1,600 random families in Kansas.

They bought up $2.2 MILLION worth of debt for pennies on the dollar.  Then they sent out letters to all 1,600 families.  And they let them know they didn’t have to worry about paying it back anymore.

The letter said, quote, “We’re Pathway Church.  We may never meet you.  But as an act of kindness . . . your debt has been forgiven.”

It’s not clear how much they spent to buy up all that debt.  But John Oliver did the same thing on his HBO show a few years ago, and bought $15 million worth of medical debt for 60 grand.

So the church probably spent around $10,000 to pay off $2.2 million.