Five Ways To Know If Someone Is Attracted To You

Pay attention to the eyes. Research from the University of Florida shows that when someone’s attracted to you, their eyes open wider and their pupils get larger.

• Check their posture. Someone who likes you will lean toward you. Also, they won’t do things like look around the room or check their watch.

• When you’re in a group: Look at their feet. Experts say that we subconsciously point our feet toward those we find attractive.

• Notice if they touch their face. Studies show that’s a sign someone’s interested. It’s actually a way of saying, “Hey, look at me.”

• This last way’s the best way to learn if someone’s attracted to you: Ask them out. Dating coach experts say that you can’t lose. Even if the other person doesn’t accept your invitation, they’ll be flattered and you’ll know to direct your attention elsewhere.