Five Ways To Get Closer To Your Significant Other

• Kiss for 10 seconds. As your relationship wears on, you start pecking each other on the cheek. Gone are the hour-long make-out sessions you had in your teens. Experts say all you need are two 10 second kisses a day to keep your relationship from growing stale. It may feel awkward at first, but if you kiss like that for the rest of your life, your partner will feel adored, and the stress-relieving effect of that 10 second smooch can last for hours.

• Turn off the TV and go canoeing or hiking. All you need is a slight sense of danger to get your adrenaline pumping. That transfers over to your partner — they become the source of excitement and the source of security.

• Compliment each other five times a day. When your partner feels noticed and appreciated, they feel closer to you. Plain and simple.

• Go to a new restaurant. Any new experience, including going to a new restaurant, fuels the feel-good brain hormone dopamine.

• Talk big about the future. What do you want? A beach house somewhere? More kids? Season tickets to a sports team? When you share your dreams with each other, you touch on a primal desire and you emphasize your long-term commitment, and that’s a recipe for love.