Five Things That Can Torpedo Your Chances in a Job Interview

A recent poll found the worst things you can do in a job interview include showing up late . . . using filler words like “umm” too much . . . and forgetting the NAME of the company.  (???)  Others aren’t as obvious though.

Here are five more things that can torpedo your chances.  Managers see them more often than you’d think . . .

1.  Asking them to cover interview-related expenses.  Things like parking or tolls.  Companies will communicate upfront if they’re covering stuff like that.  Otherwise, assume they’re not, and think of it as an investment in your future.

2.  Talking about your personal life too much.  Broad strokes are okay.  Just don’t waste their time by rambling on and on about your kids, or how much you love golf.  Even if they seem interested, they’re probably not THAT interested.

3.  Too much name-dropping.  If you know someone at the company, mention it once.  You don’t need to pepper their name in eight different times.

4.  Exaggerating.  Things like “I’m PERFECT for this role” can come across as inauthentic, or like you’re trying too hard.  Just keep things factual, and focus on why you’re a GOOD fit for the job.

5.  Asking too many questions at the end of the interview.  One or two might make you seem eager.  More than that and it starts to feel like you’re grilling them.  Let them wrap things up.  And again, don’t waste their time.

(NY Post)