Five Things a Nurse Says She’d Never Let Her Kids Do

A mom who works as a pediatric operating room nurse posted a list of the top five things she’d never let her kids do, because they’re just too risky and she’s seen too much fallout.

The last three are even more important as we get into summer.  Here are the five things she won’t let her kids do.

1.  Go to a sleepover unless she knows every single person there.  She’s seen too many cases of abuse and wouldn’t risk it.

2.  Ride in the car without a seatbelt, even for a few minutes.  She’s seen crashes where one kid one was buckled up, and another wasn’t.  Without a seatbelt or car seat, the injuries are always much more serious.

3.  Go swimming unless she’s there.  She doesn’t trust anyone else to keep an eye on her younger kids, because the stakes are just too high.

4.  Use explosive fireworks.  She’s seen too many injuries to fingers, or worse.

5.  Sit on a riding mower.  Specifically, no riding on Dad’s lap.  It makes for a cute photo.  But she’s seen serious, life-altering injuries when kids fall off.  (Digg)

(PROFANITY WARNING:  There’s an S-word at :15 in the video.)