Five Stats for Amazon Prime Day

It’s Amazon Prime Day, or technically Day One of Prime Day.  It runs through tomorrow night.  Here are a few quick stats and facts for it . . .

1.  Did you already know when Prime Day started?  Three in five Amazon customers said yes in a poll last week.  And most found out directly from Amazon.  49% saw the date on their website while doing some NON-Prime Day shopping.

2.  Over half of people who know about Prime Day plan to shop today or tomorrow.  57% said yes . . . 36% said maybe . . . and only 7% said no.

3.  The top five types of products we bought last year were health and beauty stuff . . . electronics . . . clothes . . . household essentials . . . and home and garden stuff.  Video games, groceries, and pet products also made the top ten.

4.  There’s a good chance you’re not the only one in your home buying stuff.  The average was 2.9 orders per household last year, and 1 in 6 placed at least five.  The average order was $54 and included two items.

5.  Are Prime Day deals better than Black Friday deals?  Most Amazon shoppers say NO.  Black Friday still has the best deals.  Prime Day and Cyber Monday tied for second.

(Numerator / 2021 Recap Report)