Five Smart Ways to Save Money on Food

A poll found 78% of Americans now consider fast food a “luxury” because of how expensive it is.  Prices for “food away from home” are up almost 22% in the past three years.

Grocery store prices are only up 1% in the past year, but a similar 21% in the past three.  Still, cooking at home will always be the cheaper option.  So here are five smart ways to save money on food . . .

1.  Stop being “too busy” to cook.  Make sure your pantry is always stocked with ingredients for a quick, 15-minute dinner.  Then when things get hectic, that’s your fallback instead of ordering.

2.  Eat less meat.  It’s expensive, and most Americans eat too much of it anyway.  Over time, cutting out meat once or twice a week can save you a lot of money.

3.  Stop wasting food.  Don’t make enough for leftovers if you’re not gonna eat them.  And if your fresh vegetables always go bad, just switch to frozen.  They’ll last up to a year in there.

4.  Snack less.  Junk food is expensive.  You’ll save money if you buy less of it, and you’ll also lose weight.

5.  Lean on more generic brands.  A lot of store-brand products taste just like the name-brands.  So, reassess which ones are actually important.

(NY Times)