Five Old-Timey Slang Terms We Should Bring Back

Sick of trying to keep up with all the latest slang?  Just use these words instead:  “Reader’s Digest” did a list of old-timey slang terms we should bring back.  Here are a few you might be able to use in your day-to-day . . .

1.  Gigglemug.  Someone who smiles too much, or constantly has a grin on their face.  (So, the opposite of resting B-face.)

2.  Sauce-box.  A term for your mouth.  Like, “I’m sick of listening to you.  Shut your sauce-box.”

3.  Arf-arf-an-arf.  An old British term for a drunk person.  Like, “Don’t give him another beer, he’s already arf-arf-an-arf.”  The term comes from a drink called an “arf-an-arf” that’s half beer, half ale.

4.  Pumblechook.  Someone who’s greedy and pompous.  It’s the name of a character in “Great Expectations” . . . Uncle Pumblechook.

5.  Gas pipes.  A term for someone’s legs when their pants are too tight.  “Look at that hipster with his stupid gas pipes.”

(Reader’s Digest)