Five Myths and Misconceptions People Are Sick of Hearing

Someone asked people to name common misconceptions they’re sick of hearing.  And the first one applies to something we just dealt with, taxes.

1.  You can’t actually lose money by earning more.  A lot of people think if you hit a new tax bracket, ALL of your income gets taxed at that percentage.  But that’s not how a “progressive tax rate” works.  You still earn more.

2.  “Introverted” doesn’t always mean you’re shy.  A better definition is introverts tend to feel drained if they socialize too much, and extroverts are the opposite.

3.  ChatGPT isn’t conscious.  It doesn’t “think,” “feel,” or “understand” anything . . . at least not yet.  But people act like it’s God or something.

4.  Brown eggs aren’t healthier than white.  It’s just a different type of chicken.

5.  Not everyone who’s autistic is a genius like Rain Man.  It’s fairly rare.

6.  The red juice seeping out of your steak isn’t blood.  It’s water, plus a protein called myoglobin.  (my-uh-GLOBE-in)  Even rare steak is bloodless.