Five More Nice Things Random Strangers Have Done for People

Last month, a thread on the website Reddit made the rounds after someone asked people to name the nicest thing a stranger had ever done for them.  Now more responses are going viral.  Here are five more good ones we’ve seen . . .

1.  A single mom couldn’t afford much for Christmas.  So an older guy who lived in her apartment building showed up on Christmas Eve dressed as Santa.  And he had a bunch of presents for her five-year-old kid.

2.  A guy didn’t have much money after his dad passed away.  So the funeral director helped him out . . . and paid his RENT for three months.

3.  A kid moved to a new school in seventh grade.  And on his first day, he was sitting alone at lunch until a random kid said, “Sit with US.”  He says they never really became friends after that.  But it was huge, and he never forgot about it.

4.  Someone had just gotten their license and realized they didn’t know how to pump gas.  Then while they were trying to figure it out, a random person walked up . . . showed them how to do it . . . AND paid for their gas.

5.  A couple went on their honeymoon and didn’t have a lot of money.  But they splurged on a nice hotel anyway.  Then another guest found out they were newlyweds and paid their entire bill.  So now they’re planning to go back to the hotel someday, and pay it forward by doing the same thing for another couple.