Five Father’s Day Gifts That Won’t Cost You Anything

Father’s Day is on Sunday.  If money is tight right now, here are five gift ideas that won’t cost you anything . . .

1.  Make his favorite meal.  You might have to spend a little bit if you don’t have the ingredients already.  But it’s way cheaper than going to a restaurant.

2.  Watch the game with him.  The NBA and NHL playoffs are going on this weekend, and the MLB season is in full swing.  Even if sports aren’t your thing, it’s a good chance to get some bonding time in.

3.  Do something physical.  If your dad is on the active side, go on a hike or shoot some hoops at the local park.

4.  Help him out around the house.  Yardwork . . . cleaning out the garage . . . or tackling that project he’s been putting off forever.

5.  Take a trip down memory lane.  Sit down and do some old-fashioned reminiscing.  Including some old family photos will make it even better.

(The Penny Hoarder)