Firefighters Used Their Off-Time to Make a Lady’s Home Wheelchair Accessible

The fact that these guys are firefighters is kind of irrelevant.  They’re just good people . . .

A group of firemen near St. Louis recently helped a woman in a wheelchair after they saw her tip over trying to get into her home.

Her house wasn’t wheelchair accessible.  So she had to wheel herself through the front yard, then make it up multiple steps to get in.

Luckily she wasn’t hurt.  But they knew it would happen again.  So a bunch of firemen went back to her house a few days later with shovels and concrete and built her a PATH.

They dug out part of the front yard to make it even, then poured cement . . . made a path all the way from the sidewalk to her front porch . . . and put in a ramp for her.

The most amazing part is none of them were on the clock.  They did it over the weekend in their off-time and weren’t paid.  That’s how much they cared.


(The Webster Groves Fire Department posted a few photos of the project on their community outreach Facebook page.)