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The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival

The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival is held each year to celebrate the return of the salmon to our northwest rivers. The rivers that are home to the salmon also provide sustenance for birds, frogs, salamanders, foxes, deer, bugs, bears and countless trees, bushes, and flowers. Learn about the connections between our rivers, salmon and people, and other wildlife and habitats through educational and recreation activities.

The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival is a three-day natural resource education event held every fall, with 2 school days and 1 community day. The Festival is held on the grounds of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery off Icicle Creek Road, located at the mouth of the scenic Icicle Canyon near Leavenworth, Washington.

Our theme this year is “Salmon On the Move!”. An exciting menu of hands-on activities and “edutainment” gives students from throughout North Central Washington a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate the complexities of the natural world and the significance of salmon to people of the northwest.

The 2018 event is also excited to showcase art works and provide art activities conducted by internationally-acclaimed artist Steven Paul Judd as part of the “Beyond The Frame: To Be Native” art exhibition that will be presented through out North Central Washington. Learn more about the Beyond the Frame exhibit at HERE!

Get more details about the Salmon Festival HERE!

    Leavenworth National Fish Hachery
    12790 Fish Hatchery Road
    Leavenworth, WA United States