Easter Leftovers: Potatoes, Hungry Bears, and ‘Not Cross Buns’

Here are a few stories from Easter weekend we’ve seen making the rounds online . . .

1.  There was talk of people dying potatoes instead of eggs this year to save a few bucks.  But did anyone really do it?  A reporter asked people outside a grocery store in New Jersey, and everyone said it was a ridiculous idea.  So it looks like Easter eggs have survived inflation for now.

2.  A realtor in Rochester, New York went viral after posting photos of a house with the Easter Bunny hanging out in every room.  Some people thought it was creepy, but it might have worked.  The listing now says there’s a sale pending.

3.  Two people were injured at an Easter parade in Spain when a five-foot statue of the Virgin Mary caught fire.  It went up when a lit candle fell on it.  Two guys were hurt while trying to put out the flames.

4.  People in Connecticut were warned to be careful with outdoor egg hunts this year . . . after a bear was seen cracking open a plastic egg and eating the candy.

5.  In Easter-related crime:  A bunch of chocolate Easter bunnies were seized at an airport in Brussels, because they were actually solid lumps of MDMA.  That’s the main ingredient in the drug ecstasy.

(Also, a 27-year-old in Toledo shot his brother on Easter Sunday and got arrested, but thankfully the brother survived.  And, a guy in England stabbed someone outside an Easter church service, but they’ll be okay.)

6.  A bakery in Australia was accused of being too “woke” after selling hot cross buns without the cross on top(So . . . “NOT cross buns”?)

7.  And finally, here’s some Easter-related Good News:  A food truck in Michigan handed out free meals to veterans for Easter.  The menu included sloppy joes, pulled-pork, French fries, and cake for dessert.

A cop in northern California rescued a rabbit she saw in the middle of the street last year.  And for Easter, her department announced they were promoting it to the rank of “wellness officer.”  They posted a photo of it in a “Police K9” harness.

And dozens of people on motorcycles showed up at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh on Saturday to drop off Easter bunny toys for the kids.