Dos & Don’t For Husbands Of Pregnant Women

Things you should and shouldn’t do when your wife is pregnant (via cafemom).

• Do tell your wife she’s beautiful. The whole giant belly thing may not be your bag, but not only is your wife doing all the work right now, she probably feels more vulnerable than ever. Say, “You’re beautiful.” Not that hard.

• Don’t get drunk in front of your wife. No one says you have to stop drinking just because your wife can’t, but as a common courtesy, maybe don’t wind up lampshade-over-the-head hammered. Bonus tip: That’s not a great look when we’re not pregnant too.

• Do go out of your way to help out in any way possible.

• Do offer to rub her feet and/or legs occasionally. There really is nothing more heavenly than a foot rub when you’re pregnant.

• Don’t walk three steps in front of your wife when she’s with-child. Pregnant women waddle. They’re slow. Deal with it.

• Do read a baby book or two. It’s hard to get as excited as the mom-to-be before the baby comes, as there’s not much you need to do, so educate yourself, and do something (on your own) to show your interest. You partner will be delighted to see you perusing a baby book when she walks in.

• Don’t ask your friends what it was like when their wives gave birth, or how little sleep they got. It’ll just freak you out. You’ll be fine.

• Do surprise your wife by bringing home a pint of her favorite ice cream. Every woman loves surprise gifts. Every pregnant woman loves surprise gifts she can eat.

• Don’t brush off your wife’s baby concerns with dude-isms like, “Ahh, we’ll figure it out.” Yes, you will figure it out. But she just wants to talk. Indulge her.

• Do answer your phone and respond to your texts. Quickly. Especially near the end of the pregnancy.