Does “Staying In” Count as a Date Now? 28% of Couples Say It’s One of Their Favorite Dates

The term “date” used to mean you went out somewhere and maybe got something to eat.  But in the era of “Netflix and chill,” I guess we’ve relaxed that definition . . .

A new poll asked 5,000 people in relationships what their favorite “date-night activities” are.  Going out to eat is still #1.  But STAYING IN ranked second.  Here are America’s favorite date-night activities in 2023 . . .

1.  Going out to dinner.  46% said it’s a top date-night activity for them.

2.  A night in together, 28%.

3.  Going to the movies, 22%.

4.  Cooking together, 15%.

5.  Going on a long drive, 13%.

6.  Shopping, 13%.  It’s not clear if ONLINE shopping counts as a date.

7.  A romantic walk on the beach, 10%.

8.  Going camping, 10%.

9.  Engaging in a hobby together, 10%.

10.  Game nights, 9%.

The poll also found the average couple has two dates per week.  (If staying in watching Netflix counts, I’m averaging like six or seven.)