A recent online poll asked about different foods, and whether you store them in the fridge or not.  And over half-a-million votes were cast.  Here are eight random foods, and where we stand . . .

1.  Apples?  48% of us keep them in the fridge.  52% don’t.  Other fruits like oranges and lemons had similar results.

2.  Ketchup, after it’s opened?  88% refrigerate.  12% don’t.

3.  Bread?  Only 25% of people said they store it in the fridge.

4.  Peanut butter?  17% of people refrigerate it.

5.  Avocados?  55% said yes, they store them in the fridge.

6.  Tomatoes?  29% do NOT refrigerate them.

7.  Eggs?  90% said yes, and 10% said they don’t refrigerate.

(Some of those people might be in other countries, where it’s not necessary.)

8.  Butter?  86% store it in the fridge. 14% don’t.

(That’s another tricky one, because a lot of people leave one stick of butter out to keep it soft.)