Let’s be honest:  You were already more than prepared to pay $6.99 a month for Disney+.  So was I.  They had us.  There was virtually no incentive for Disney to sweeten the deal.  But they just did.

Yesterday, they announced that they’ll bundle Disney+Hulu, and ESPN+ for a grand total of $12.99 a month.

FYI, you’re getting the version of Hulu with ADVERTISEMENTS, which is normally $5.99 a month.  ESPN+ is regularly $4.99 a month.  So if you take the deal, you’re paying five bucks less per month than if you paid for all three separately.

Now, you CAN get Disney+ for $69.99 a year if you pay all at once, but that averages out to about $5.80 a month . . . so it’s STILL cheaper to get the bundle IF you want all three services.

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