Maybe JOHN TRAVOLTA should just stop doing award shows.  Although frankly, I hope he doesn’t . . . because he’s an UNINTENTIONAL COMEDY MACHINE.

Last night’s “MTV Video Music Awards” were held in New Jersey . . . Travolta’s home state.  So they brought him out to present Video of the Year with another New Jersey native, QUEEN LATIFAH.

And he actually made a joke about his classic “Adele Dazeem” flub from the Oscars, when he handed Latifah the envelope and said, quote, “I shouldn’t do this, because I’ll just mispronounce [stuff] and [eff] [stuff] up.”

It was a funny joke, and it got a good laugh.  (Careful:  This video contains bleeped profanity.)

So Latifah announced the winner, which was “You Need to Calm Down” by TAYLOR SWIFT.  And Taylor brought her LGBT squad from the video up onstage with her.

And it looks like Travolta accidentally tried to hand the trophy to a DRAG QUEEN by the name of Jade Jolie.


To be fair, Jade does a pretty mean Taylor Swift . . . and even plays her in the video.  (Skip ahead to about 2:15 here).  So it’s not the worst mistake he could make.  Still, people are having fun with it.

Here were some of the other big winners:

Ariana Grande was Artist of the Year . . . Billie Eilish won Best New Artist . . . “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers won Best Pop . . . and “Money” by Cardi B won Best Hip Hop.

“Old Town Road” won Song of the Year, giving Lil Nas X his FIRST AWARD EVER.

And MISSY ELLIOTT received the Video Vanguard Award . . . and proved that she deserved it by putting on the best performance of the night.

(WARNING:  This clip contains UNCENSORED profanity.)

Speaking of performances, MILEY CYRUS crushed it with her new breakup anthem Slide Away.

(She also showed off a new breakup tattoo.)

Real life couple SHAWN MENDES and CAMILA CABELLO did “Senorita” . . . and ended it by rubbing noses instead of kissing.

LIZZO represented the big girls with “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell”.  (WARNING:  The clip contains profanity.)

(Here’s a list of 10 memorable moments from the show . . . and here’s a list of 12 records that were set.)

(Check out videos from last night’s show here.)