Dictionary.com Added 566 Words, Including “Coffee Nap,” “Nepo Baby,” and “Blursday”

Dictionary.com just added 566 new words and terms, including a few you maybe haven’t heard yet.

To make it in, each one has to be a term being “used by a lot of people” . . . it has to be “useful for a general audience” . . . and they only add words they think are “likely to stick around.”  Here are a few highlights . . .

1.  Coffee nap:  A short nap, usually 15 to 30 minutes, taken immediately after a cup of coffee.  People claim you wake up feeling super-energized.

2.  Blursday:  A day not easily distinguished from other days, or the phenomenon of days running together.

3.  Nepo baby:  A celebrity with a parent who is also famous, especially one whose industry connections are perceived as essential to their success.

4.  Shower orange:  An orange that is peeled and eaten in a steamy shower.  People claim it’s soothing.

5.  Decision fatigue:  Mental and emotional exhaustion from constantly having to make decisions.

6.  Jawn:  A filler word used by people in Philadelphia when they can’t think of the name of something.  Like, “Hey, can you hand me that jawn right there?”

7.  Jugging:  When a criminal waits near a store or ATM to rob you.

8.  Bloatware:  Unwanted software that comes preinstalled on a new device.

9.  Atmospheric river:  A long, narrow corridor that transports massive amounts of water vapor from the tropics.

10.  GPT:  As in “ChatGPT”.  It stands for “generative pre-trained transformer.”

11.  Sportswashing:  Mitigating negative press coverage through sports.  Like Saudi Arabia and the LIV Golf tour.

12.  Snite:  To wipe snot from your nose with your thumb or finger.  It’s a British term.

13.  Godwin’s Law:  The idea that if an internet debate goes on long enough, someone will eventually compare someone else to Hitler.

14.  Mountweazel:  A decoy entry in a website that’s secretly planted to catch other sites stealing content.  (Like a lyrics website posting incorrect lyrics on purpose, to catch other lyrics sites that just hit copy/paste.)

15.  Autosexual and autoromantic:  People who primarily feel sexual attraction or romantic feelings toward themselves, not other people.