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Describe What You Do for a Living . . . But as a Crime

Credit: jacoblund via Thinkstock

If you ever get bored answering when people ask you, “So, what do you do?” . . . this is a GREAT option.

Right now, people on Reddit are describing what they do for a living . . . but as a crime.  Here are some of the best examples . . .

1.  “I drive fast and disregard the rules of my road to break into people’s homes and cause immense water damage.  Afterwards I tear down their ceilings and drywall and leave without cleaning anything up.”  That’s a . . . firefighter.

2.  “I help people circumvent copyright by getting them loads of free books, DVDs, CDs, games, and any other media that’s come out in the last hundred years.”  That’s a . . . librarian.

3.  “I force children to stay in a small room to do paperwork without paying them.”  That’s a . . . teacher.

4.  “I hand someone instruments to cut into an unconscious person.”  That’s a . . . surgical assistant.

5.  “I’m a drug dealer.”  That’s a . . . worker at a nutritional supplement store and could be a pharmacist as well.

6.  “I work for Comcast.”  That’s a . . . Comcast employee.


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