Delta Sent a Private Plane When a Cross Country Team’s Flight Got Cancelled

A high school cross country team from Ocean City, New Jersey spent two years doing fundraisers and saving up for a trip to Orlando this month.  Then at the last minute, it looked like the trip might not happen.

They were heading to an event called the Disney Cross Country Classic.  All 79 students were at the airport in Philly when their flight got delayed, then cancelled.  And Frontier Airlines didn’t have any other flights that would get them there on time.

That was around 8:00 P.M. last Thursday.  And by 10:00 P.M., their coaches decided to let them all know the trip wasn’t happening after all.

But what the coaches didn’t know was that the students had been all over SOCIAL MEDIA looking for help, and sending tweets to a bunch of airlines.  And it turned out someone in DELTA’S corporate office was paying attention.

A Delta employee walked up to the group . . . told them corporate got in touch . . . and that they had a solution.  Then Delta flew in a PRIVATE PLANE they normally use for pro sports teams and political campaigns.  And they got them to Orlando just in time.

They took off at 4:00 A.M. . . . got an hour of sleep at their hotel . . . and the event started at 10:00 A.M.  But somehow, they still did really well and won a BUNCH of medals.

(MileSplitNJ / USA Today)