Dating? Try The Postdate 8 Checklist

Are you tired of approaching dating like a job interview, where you’re constantly evaluating your date’s qualifications like looks and ambition? It’s time to shift gears and embrace a more meaningful approach to finding love. Enter the “Postdate 8” checklist, a game-changer introduced by relationship expert Logan Ury. • VIDEO

… The Postdate 8 consists of eight essential questions designed to guide you towards deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. Here’s the breakdown of the Postdate 8 checklist:

1. Are we laughing together?

2. Do I feel desired in their presence?

3. Do they make me feel more energized or less energized?

4. What side of me do they bring out?

5. Am I interested in them?

6. Is my interest trending upwards after each date?

7. How did I feel in my body during the date?

8. How did I feel after the date?