Crazy Things That Happen When You Sleep

via From Men’s Health

• Dreaming you’re falling — Sometimes you start dreaming even before falling asleep, and that’s when the feeling of falling can kick in. Why does it happen? Mainly you’re overtired or stressed, and your brain is entering into sleep cycles more aggressively.

• Sleep paralysis — You wake up and realize you can’t move a muscle, or even speak. It lasts from several seconds to several minutes, and it’s frightening. This is the opposite of the falling dream where your body wakes up before the deep sleep goes away.

• Sleep walking — Your awake enough to walk, but your brain is still in a deep sleep. Scary because you can trip or walk out into traffic. Prescription sleep pills have been linked to some bizarre sleepwalking accidents. Easy on the meds, and seek help.

• Sleep talking — 5 percent of adults talk in their sleep, and it mostly happens within the first hour or two of sleep when the body is entering into deep stages of sleep.

• Recurring dreams — This is a brain’s way of sorting out unresolved issues.

• Sleep sex — 8 percent of us have initiated sex with a partner while still asleep. It’s similar to sleepwalking — still asleep, but awake enough to ‘get it on.’ You probably had a dream about sex or went to bed with the urge.

• Exploding head syndrome — This is when you wake up having heard a really loud sound or flash of light. Nothing really happened, though. This is similar to falling in your sleep — it happens as your heading toward deep sleep.