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Covid Chaos: Pokemon Go, Traffic Goes Down, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of Covid insanity . . .

1.  A guy in England broke quarantine rules by going 14 miles from his home . . . to play “Pokemon Go”.  He admitted to the cops he’d driven to a different town to look for new characters . . . and he was fined $275.

2.  Traffic congestion fell in most countries for the first time in 10 years because of the pandemic, according to TomTom GPS’s data.  Places like L.A., New York, and Miami all had between 26% and 36% less congestion in 2020.

3.  A man in Arizona went into a souvenir shop and the owner pulled a gun . . . because he was WEARING a mask.  The store had a no-mask policy because, quote, “This virus was a weapon used by the Democrats to steal an election.”  The cops are investigating.

4.  We want the vaccine . . . as long as we can squeeze it into our schedules.  32% of people say they wouldn’t take the Covid vaccine if they had to have an appointment between midnight and 6:00 A.M.

5.  There’s been a rise in the number of women freezing their eggs during the pandemic.  And that’s a surprise . . . fertility clinics were expecting numbers to go down as people were avoiding doctor’s offices.

6.  Here are the updated stats on CONFIRMED Covid cases as of last night . . .

New daily cases in the U.S.:  236,462, with 4,098 new deaths.

Total cases in the U.S.:  23.6 million . . . with more than 393,000 deaths . . . and more than 13.9 million who’ve now recovered.

Total cases worldwide:  92.7 million . . . with more than 1.9 million deaths . . . and more than 66.2 million people who’ve beaten the virus globally.

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