Country Life: You’re Cooking Your Steak Wrong

If someone came up to you while you were grilling and told you you’re cooking your steak all wrong . . . what would you do?  Them’st fighting words.  But don’t worry, we’re just here to help.

Here are the top five mistakes people make when they cook steak:

1.  Cooking steak cold.  Steak is best when it’s cooked evenly, and no one wants a cold center.  So, it’s best to take your steak out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before you cook it.  This will help ensure an even cook all the way through.

2.  Under-seasoning.  You need a generous helping of salt on BOTH sides to season a good steak.  And if you only add salt after it’s cooked, it’s too late.  The seasoning beforehand helps the steak form its crust, which is important for the texture of the dish.  Try Kosher salt, with its big crystals.

3.  Not cleaning your grill.  Use a wire brush to clean it once your grill is preheated, and then again as soon as you are done.  A buildup of grease and soot will give your food a pretty gross taste.

4.  Not checking the temperature of your steak.  A lot of people either just eye-ball it and say it’s good, or go by the clock and hope it comes out OK.  Cut the guesswork . . . Get an instant-read thermometer, and put it into the center of your steak.  (You can check out the proper steak temperature, here.)

5.  Cutting your steak before it rests.  We know you’re hungry and want to dive in, but if you cut your steak as soon as it gets off the grill, all of that delicious juice will run out, and you’ll be sad.  Letting it rest for 5-10 minutes first allows the juice to redistribute itself through the meat.

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