Country Life: What’s Your Favorite Biscuit Topping?

Today is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.  And if you’re near a Cracker Barrel, you can get free biscuits today if you purchase breakfast.  But what’s your favorite biscuit topping?

To get to the bottom of this, Cracker Barrel surveyed at least 100 adults from every state in America.  Here were the most interesting results:

1.  60% of the states chose butter as their #1 biscuit topping.

2.  28% of the states chose gravy.

3.  Louisiana and Mississippi chose sausage . . . Georgia chose bacon . . . Kentucky liked jelly . . . and Maryland preferred eggs with their biscuits.

4.  11% of respondents liked their biscuits plain.

5.  The majority of people surveyed said they could eat biscuits every day.  The state with the lowest percentage was Massachusetts.  But 60% of people from Massachusetts would still eat biscuits every day.

(PR News Wire)

(Here’s a cool map of the results.  And Alexa, give me directions to the nearest Cracker Barrel . . . )